Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where Are All the Tall Buildings?

Photo from Hispanically Speaking News
I spent most of today's editing session pouring over one of the best LA resources a friend gave me. Early in the character-building process, I decided that Eva would live in the Culver City/Palms area of greater Los Angeles. I've been there, I like the neighborhoods, and it's close to several key locations in the novel that can't be moved (it's really hard to move the coast line of the Pacific Ocean inland without harming a lot of people). 

I also really want Eva to live in a seven-story building. Or a five-story building. However, today, as I was adding actual street names to the text (something I didn't bother with while writing), I realized that in driving the streets of Culver City (via Google Maps), there were no seven-story buildings in Culver City. In fact, I believe that Culver City has banned buildings taller than four stories. 

Since my novel is fiction, I could plop Eva's loft structure anywhere I please, but I want it to have some veracity. Hence, my hunt for taller buildings. Unfortunately, the sites I found don't show LA by height. 

Are you familiar with the LA area? Do you know where taller structures are located? Especially ones that aren't near downtown LA? If so, please let me know. If not, do you know of any good plane ticket deals?


Marc Johnson said...

There aren't many tall buildings in CA for earthquake reasons. Ive lived up and down this state and I think all the tall buildings are owned by companies. I don't think there are residential buildings past three stories.

Rebecca Chastain said...

Hum. Sacramento has several taller housing buildings now, but I think they've all been built in the last decade. I could always to a "new" building in the area I want. I don't think readers would be thrown off by there being a fictional building on a street that isn't there in real life.

Though an earthquake might be a good plot moment in a future novel, with Eva up on the seventh floor...