Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting Crafty

Urg. Work has slammed me this week, which means that when I finish the long hours in front of the computer, I haven't had any energy left for blogging. (I've still been writing first thing in the morning, though—keeping that commitment to myself is one of the things in the day that gives me energy...and a great deal of happiness.)

I have managed to squeese in time here and there to read half of M. K. Hobson's The Native Star, and have been loving it! I also was inspired by friends (and a small decorations budget for Christmas) to create my own garland.

This isn't something I normally do. Writing usually satisfies all my creative impulses. Yet, today, I baked (which I feel falls under the "creative energy needed" category—and it was only cornbread, so it wasn't that creative), and I made this:

It took about an hour. Okay, it took about two hours, but some of that was wasted seriously messing up the first felt piece I attempted to grid out to cut, and an equal amount of time was spent fending off the not-so-helpful overtures of my cats. Apparently, String + Fuzzy Pompoms = Irresistible to Cats. Fortunately, the only injury sustained was a minor poke in the finger from a needle, and that was self-inflicted.

It's not the most posh garland, but I think it's cute, nonetheless.


TikiBird said...

I am so impressed that:

1) You write no matter what in the morning. I bet that really helps you feel good throughout the day.

2) You made the garland! It's perfect! A felt garland isn't supposed to be "posh," it's supposed to be cozy and cute, and this is exactly that! Perfect.

Rebecca Chastain said...

Aw, thanks for the compliments! I was so pleased with the garland that I made two more strands with some slight variations.

And, yes, writing is my saving grace on busy weeks of work and slow weeks. I don't know what I'd do if one day I stopped having stories appear in my head! Hopefully I'll never find out.