Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Away for a Day

I've had my nose to the grindstone, or more accurately, my fingers to the keyboard and my nose to the screen, for several weeks. They've been glorious, productive weeks (11 pages yesterday alone!), but they've left me and my muse a little deflated.

Today, I got out, went to a local nursery with a good friend, and meandered around in plants and sun and good company, and it was exactly what I needed. I came back refreshed and ready to get back to work (unfortunately, not the writing work, but that will happen again tomorrow).

I also came back with a few things that I didn't know I needed: decorative squash. I wish I could have gotten the picture of Fu (my 22-pound cat) with his head stuck through the small handle of the bag (his own doing), but it was more important to soothe a panicking cat with three pounds of squash dangling from his neck than a photo op.

Since I couldn't get that picture, I staged a few, and my cats, for once, were willing participants in my photo shoot.

Fu always poses. He's a ham. Most of my shots of Zenzo were blurry, but I did get this one, in which she is looking like she's considering either being annoyed or humored by me:

 Now that all the sniffing inspection is done, it's time to wash my treasures and decorate the office. My desk could use a little festive cheer.

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