Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Rejection Slump

Faye Progress:
41798 / 90000 words. 46% done!

Normally I'm positive about my writing. I feel I've got it going on, at least well enough to know what needs to be edited and changed and fixed and polished. I truly love my Madison novel. I usually think it's well written. But this unlucky number 13 rejection took the wind from my sails. I've got a lot of doubts circling in my head right now—about my talent as a writer, about my main character, about my novel's opening, about various little factors that agents have commented on.

I'm torn between two desires: burying my head in someone else's novel and forgetting about Madison altogether or writing my fingers raw on Faye until it's finished and I can get the next novel ready to parade in front of agents. Both arguments have the same general outcome: Madison is set aside. At least until I can think about it rationally. Right now I'm just frustrated and depressed about the whole process.

Give me a couple of days. I'm sure with a breather I'll bounce back with more enthusiasm than ever. Already, I'm toying with ideas to improve things: polish Madison book two and sell it as book one; join RWA and get some helpful critiques; ignore the world and write for my own pleasure; buy some more how-to-write books.

But right now...right now, I think I'll just stay in this slump for a bit.

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