Monday, April 12, 2010

A Return to the Regularly Scheduled Life

It feels bizarre to be here again, in normal, non-wedding-planning, non-wedding-partying life. All of our wedding plans (one wedding day, three parties) were spectacular. I've had trouble staying focused today and I've had trouble falling asleep the last few nights because I've been replaying all the great things that happened. I'm married! I'm a wife! It's going to be a while before either of those statements ceases to cause a thrill of joy to burst through my entire body.

Today was a laid-back day of catching up on all the things I've put aside (like bill paying and email reading), and it was also the first day back to writing. What a wonderful relief! Last night, just thinking about getting to write today had scenes and sentences running through my sleepy brain. And it's so lovely to tear my eyes away from admiring my ring and look at my office calendar and see my notes of how much I wrote today.

I'm sure that some wedding photos will work their way onto this site soon. I also have several books worth of comments to blog about, because even though I was incredibly busy, there always seems time to read, doesn't there? But for today, I'm going to go drink some hot tea and try to get my tired voice box to relax enough to hit the medium-high notes when I sing along to my office music.

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