Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Liking the Graphics

We watched Land of the Lost last night. There's a lot I could say about the lack of character development or the cheesy plot ploys, but there wouldn't be much point. I didn't watch the movie expecting dynamic characters and seamless plot arcs, and I didn't particularly want them. I wanted spoofy comedy, and, for the most part, I got it.

The element I wasn't expecting to be so good was the special effects. They were incredible. I suppose I should be used to seeing realistic bizarre creatures and scenic views, but this movie still managed to shock me. Yes, there were some atrocious costumes on the monkey and lizard people, but the computer generated dinosaurs were amazing!

For some reason I felt the need to continually remind myself that they weren't real (rather than simply enjoying the movie). I think it was because they seemed so plausible. Even the point where Will Ferrell is riding a dinosaur looked real. Impressive.

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