Friday, October 30, 2009

All Madison, All Day

I took the day off work and focused my entire day on editing Madison, starting at 7:30 a.m. and ending now, leaving myself enough time to workout and eat before meeting some friends tonight. Were it not for my planned outing, I'd still be editing Madison instead of typing this blog.

Today flew by. I broke it down into 90-minute segments so I'd remember to stand and move around at least once every few hours. My butt thanked me. So did my back.

I think I need another day like today to get "caught up" to where I want to be. I've edited 273 pages of the 314 total, which is much farther along than I was at the beginning of the day. However, I still haven't entered any of that into the computer, which goes faster than editing but still takes time.

The best thing is that I really like my story! I can see that it's better now than when I first wrote it two years ago. So's my writing. I can see that it's a complete story now, one that's ready to be published once these edits are through. I think that's what has me so energized after the long day. I've written something publishable!

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