Sunday, June 1, 2008

Size Matters!

My original computer came with a 15" monitor. That tiny screen (okay, that decent-size screen) saw me through my college years, several short stories, a screenplay, and the first few hundred pages of Areia. Then one fateful day as I was taking out the trash, I saw someone had deposited a beautiful 18" CRT monitor to the side of the Dumpster. On a whim (and feeling especially strong that day) I carted the 48 lb behemoth up two flights of stairs and collapsed on my carpet feeling as if I'd never move my spindly arms again. Twenty minutes later, with much help and sniffing from my cats, I moved the monitor into my office. When Cody got home, he hooked it up and it worked! There was a faint flickering on the right side of the screen occasionally, but for the most part it was completely unnoticeable, especially when using Word. I finished Areia on that monitor and wrote the complete first Madison novel with the text filling those 18 inches.

All the while, though, I had a dream of a glorious 22" monitor! Twenty-two inches meant two word documents open side by side for easy viewing (I like to have my characters/places document open at the same time that I'm writing my novels). Twenty-two inches meant bigger text without it running off the sides of the page. Twenty-two inches was just plain cool!

Which is why last weekend, during the Memorial Day sales, I bought myself the most beautiful 22" flat screen monitor ever made.

(Desktop image not mine)

After we got it home and installed, and I'd cooed over it like it was a newborn baby, I called my mom to tell her the wonderful news. As I was chatting away on the phone, staring with wonder and love at my gorgeous new Samsung, I heard the faint sounds of an ethereal woman's voice singing a song of joy. It was a faint song, like the downstairs neighbors had their music on. I turned to Cody and asked him if he heard it too. Nope. Neither did my mom on the other end of the line. It was only me. Me and my beautiful monitor. I guess it was singing to me.

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Kate said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful new monitor! Do you think it looks more like you or Cody?