Monday, June 23, 2008

The Final Edits

I'm down to the last major run through of Madison. I'm so close to being done and getting on with selling it (and writing the next book, and working on Areia, etc.) that I can see it, sitting like a shinning beacon in my head, a goal almost obtained. So why do I feel like procrastinating?

Maybe it's the Wii. I just got one for my birthday, along with a few great games. That's sucked away a lot of time, in a good, happy way. Maybe it's a new book. I just finished a non-fiction book and started Bitten & Smitten by Michelle Rowen. She's a new author for me (and for the world--this book was just released in 2006), and she's really good and funny.

Maybe it's laziness. With all the birthday celebrations, I didn't work much, and that felt really, really nice.

Most likely, though, it's that pesky delayed gratification gene that I have. If I keep delaying completion, then I'm holding off on the final gratification, which in its own way is gratifying. I know. It's like a sickness. I'm working on it, though. It's one of my goals: have more immediate gratification. Yes, I'm weird. But it's also made me push through all the distractions I keep inventing and get my daily amount of Madison work done. Score one for me.


CDIZZLE said...

Glad I could get the new book for you! I know you so well.. Ya see, to keep a woman happy, know her books...

Kate said...

Maybe procrastinating is just your way of enjoying the process of working on it. You know, the journey is the destination, and all that. LOL

And CDizzle is a wise man.