Sunday, April 13, 2008

Recommended Authors

Hi all!

The recommended authors page of my website is now up! When you visit it, you'll find a whole slew of new great authors to read, including:
  • 45 Fantasy Authors
  • 9 Paranormal Romance Authors
  • 8 Contemporary Romance Authors
  • 8 Historical Romance Authors
  • 6 Writing Reference Authors (and the titles of their books I like)

These are all authors that are on my shelf and that I read regularly. A few have fallen out of favor in the recent years, being books I enjoyed in my high school and college days but have since outgrown. My tastes these days run toward light-hearted paranormal romances and contemporary fantasies, but the occasional historical romance and epic fantasy still find their way onto my library shelves every so often.

I hope you find new favorite authors from these lists!

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