Sunday, April 6, 2008

Final Beginnings

I've been working this week and weekend on a synopsis for Madison. A synopsis is a one-page recap of the entire novel that I'll send off with query letters to editors and agents to entice them to offer me loads of money for Madison. I thought when I got to this stage, I wouldn't enjoy it. I was wrong. Every step I take at this point brings me one step closer to seeing my novel on the shelf, a paycheck in hand. Granted, every step I took when I was writing and editing got me closer to this moment, too, but it was a lot harder to see. Now that I've begun the marketing/sales portion of it, I can feel how close I am! It's all wonderfully exciting!

I've written two synopsis—one on Friday, one today. I'm going to pick and choose phrases I like from both, then edit the crap out of them. It's like writing a short story all over again. Every word counts. Every verb has to be active (unlike this sentence). Every noun unique and descriptive. It makes me want to go back through the book and do a similar check on the entire novel, but that will have to wait until I've finished the synopsis. Then I think I'll do a pass on the novel for dialog and for verbs and nouns. And I've got to change Rose's car to a Hummer. I mean, she lives on the edge of Granite Bay. Doesn't everyone who lives on the edge of Granite Bay drive a Hummer? A bright yellow one? (Who is Rose? She's one of Madison's coworkers. Human, but not exactly normal.)

Hum, I should go eat. I'm just rambling. Excited and rambling. I want to do this full-time now! Just think how quickly I could crank out books if I had 8 hours a day to work on them! Okay, now I'm excited, rambling, and daydreaming. Food consumption is a must.

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