Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twenty-two Days Later

...I'm still writing. Twenty-two of twenty-eight days is pretty darn good. I look at that and see one extra day off than I should have taken and one day where I wrote less than my minimum word count, but I also see some kick-ass dedication. I'm 147 pages into my novel, on page 7 of my outline. That's one kidnapping, one elephant-napping, one sex scene, and one heaping of coffeecake eaten by the main character (sadly not by me). Tomorrow's scene will be just as frustrating for the main character as the last, if not more so. I can't wait to torture her some more.

I'm also delighted to report that I finally think I might have found an online writing community that will help improve my writing: Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. I've been looking for a critique group that fits my lifestyle, and I think this could be it. Finally, a community of writers who are talking my language!

Joining has given me a fresh burst of creative energy, and I now have five projects in my head clamoring for attention, all different, all at different stages. I'm keeping the focus on Eva, my current novel, but that doesn't mean I can't dabble in the others once I've met my daily quota.


Amanda said...

Hey, awesome! Way to go for creativity and productivity!

And does anything beat finding a group of "your people"? There's nothing like that feeling of finding some kindred souls who really get you. Congrats on making such terrific progress!

Rebecca Chastain said...

Thanks for the encouragement! You're right, there's truly nothing as great as finding people who speak the same language as you. I remember the sense of wonder I felt the first time I went to a writing meeting. I was surrounded by all these people who talked story with the same intensity and depth as me. So fabulous. That one meeting was what began my quest for a group that fit into my lifestyle and time constraints. This online group is perfect!