Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome Back, Science Fiction

It's been a long time since I've wanted to read true science fiction. I've read a few technology-heavy fiction novels, but it's been almost fifteen years since I last delved into this genre. I tend to enjoy fantasy far more than science fiction. However, Gini Koch's Touched by an Alien was almost a blend between the two, and a very enjoyable reminder of a subgenre I've been ignoring.

One might say it was fate that directed me to buy Touched by an Alien.
On a recent vacation, I flew through the two novels I'd taken (The Time Machine and Laurell K. Hamilton's Flirt) with days left in my vacation. Bookless on vacation is as inconceivable as being cakeless on a birthday, so rather than squabble over Cody's novel, my wonderful husband and I and hunted down a bookstore, finding a nearby Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately, the store almost exclusively stocked new books, and over and over again I was attracted to the third and fourth books in series, only to find that there was no first in stock. Barnes and Nobles, not only is that incredibly frustrating, you're missing out on sales! Luckily, Koch's novel was still stocked, despite being published (gasp!) last year.

It was a delightful romp through a world I wouldn't mind living in (all the heroes are ridiculously attractive, the techonology is fun, and the enemies are easy to identify). If the main character, Kitty, happened to have everything go her way too often, figure out everything that has stumped an entire more intelligent race for generations too quickly, or make the transition from marketing director to alien-fighting badass too easily, at least it was done in a fun, entertaining way.

Thank you, Gini Koch, for reminding me that science fiction can be a lot of fun, not just stuffy space travel that takes itself too serious. And thank you for making all the men so attractive. Now how can we get Hollywood to make this into a movie, and how can I finagle a seat in the casting department?

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