Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Book Collection as Personalized Art

I love a good home library. It shows, too. Our moderate-sized apartment is packed to the rafters with bookcases, so full that we have to have bookcases behind our couch (and there's no room left for walking between them, so the bottom shelves are, unfortunately, covered). I look forward to getting a house for many reasons, but not far from the top is to have a library or at least more wall space to press bookcases up against.

My bookcases are filled, for the majority, with romance novels and fantasy, with a shelf or two of nonfiction, cookbooks, and Cody's thrillers. Which means that my walls are a collage of color and size, ranging from pastels of romance novels to the eye-popping colors of thrillers (and Evanovich novels) to the black of fantasy novels. Looking at all this color is incredibly pleasing to me. I can pick out a specific title from across the room just by the color and size of the spine.

But for some people, all they see is a jumble of color, a mismatched eyesore. They may love the books (or just the look of books), but they don't love the look of all those different-sized spines cluttering up their otherwise pristine library shelves. The answer for those folks is here: Juniper Book.

Juniper Books will handpick a collection of books for you or transform your current books into works of art. Do you like leather-bound books? They've got that. What about a library categorized by color? Yep, they can do that, too. Maybe you want a collection of books to create an overall picture across the spines. That's possible, too.

I'm intrigued by the possibilities Juniper offers. Could they, say, put my favorite painting across the spines of all the books in an entire bookcase, so that it would look like the art piece was four feet wide and five feet tall? What about color-coding books, by shelf, by genre, by feng shui colors? Or perhaps creating wall art for the sake of wall art (check out some of the creative ways that Juniper found to display books). 

Ultimately, I love my books too much as they are to transform them, but I could see doing this with, say, Cody's extensive collection of computer books, or better yet, with old textbooks or cookbooks—something that might not become useless (like the computer books).  However, if I ever opened a store (of any kind, not a bookstore), I would definitely use Juniper Books to help decorate my space. It's just so pleasing!

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