Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NON's First Guest Blog

Number One Novels' first guest blog is up today at Gelati's Scoop! Thank you to Giovanni Gelati for helping spread the news of all the debut authors out there!

Writing on Faye continues. November felt like one big hitch in the process, with so many scenes written and deleted and written and cut to be mashed into a new form until finally December hit and the book started moving forward again! What a huge relief!

I'm no longer kidding myself that this book is going to come close to a 100,000-word count. It's already at 96,000+ and I know how much more story is left. This means some serious hacking and slashing later, but I've decided to worry about that when the first draft is done. The treadmill feeling of November has reminded me how much clearer the book will seem (and clearer the edits that are necessary will be) once it's complete.

So the goal remains the same: a minimum of 1.5 hours of writing, six days a week. Until the book is done, I will not waver. (Okay, maybe I'll take Christmas off.)

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