Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Faye Has Begun!

I had planned on crafting the scene-by-scene notecards of the in depth storyboard of Faye (my new novel now that Madison is done and waiting to be sold) before I began writing. But when I sat down this morning, the scenes didn't want to be divided down into little bites like that. They wanted to be written.

Normally this is when I'd wrangle my muse and creativity into something that resembles organization and insist on filling out copious notecards, knowing that having these to guide me through the novel will make life so much easier. However, this is the first project that I've outlined using my hero's journey template. Having found using this template to be incredibly useful when it came to editing Madison (and finding and filling the plot holes), I thought I'd try it at the start of this novel.

The result is that I have a rather thorough, broad-strokes outline for the novel from beginning to end. Paring it down to individual scenes on top of that felt a bit like torture. I know where I'm going. I know the points in my destination that are rooted firmly in place. I don't need to preplan every side road I'll take or every restaurant I'll stop in along the way. There needs to be some room left for the imagination to roam, the creativity to flow.

I'm not sure if this new method will work for me or not. Right now, it seems to be working, and instead of going through the outline again today, I got to write!

Faye progress:

1687 / 90000 words. 2% done!

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