Sunday, August 17, 2008

Madison Fox Edits Update

I've finished editing and marking all the changes in the manuscript of the first 7 (out of 10) chapters of Madison.

This is my second thorough edit of the entire book. In my previous edit, chapter 7 ended on page 160 and 47,530 words. On this edit, chapter 7 ends on page 163 with the total of words being 49,430.

As you can see, I'm not changing much, which is why I know that the book will be ready to sell as soon as I finish this edit. It's that thought that keeps me going.

I have 3 chapters left to edit. In other words (according to the previous draft), I have 73 pages or 20,963 words left.

I'm off to change over some laundry, then I'm on to chapter 8 edits!

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CW said...

Edit like the wind